New: Find NFT’s from other crypto games in Mecha World!

2 min readJul 25, 2023

“And there, in the depths of the mine, Mecha Flax Scarlet found something unidentifiable. It’s almost like…it wasn’t from this world…”

If you’ve been having fun finding Parts NFT’s through Mecha World questing, you’re up for a treat! We’re partnering up with several other game projects on WAX to give you a chance to find EVEN MORE NFT’s!

  • Novopangea
  • Apex Kings
  • Taco
  • Cosmic Clash
  • Outlaw Troopers
  • And more…

There is nothing extra you have to do. Just send your Mechas on quests like you have been doing already. If they don’t find a Mecha World NFT, then behind the scenes the RNG “rolls again” to give you another chance to find one of these partner project NFT’s!

NOTE: Same as for Part finding - this only works when your questing Mecha already has some Parts fitted! The more parts and the higher their rarity, the better your chances of finding something.

Check here for more info on Questing and Part Fitting. Or if you prefer watching a video, check this guide from Warrior Lion Gaming!




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