FGL NFT Games introduces…Machiavellic!

2 min readNov 9, 2023

Get ready for another cross-chain game cooperation as Machiavellic joins the FGL NFT family.

Machiavellic is a Play-&-Own open sandbox MMO with no predefined classes or playstyles. The entire concept of Machiavellic is to reward gameplay, in any way you want to play without penalizing you for your choices.

In development on the Cardano blockchain since 2022, the world of Machiavellic offers complex world building and deep lore. The development team has clearly spent a lot of time laying out the foundation for an MMO that can keep you entertained for years. The first interactive parts of the game are planned to go live early 2024, but the rollout plan shows a lineup of content for years to come.

FGL’s own AstonMartine has been advising the team since last year, but the connection goes way deeper. Way back in in 2008 she and Machiavellic’s main developer Santi already worked together on some Flash web games!

Machiavellic originally went into development for the Cardano blockchain, but will soon be available on WAX as well. FGL will take Machiavellic under its wings for the WAX rollout, which means the game will loop into the FGL Token economy as well.

Over the next few week’s we’ll gradually ease you into the Machiavellic world and get you familiar with the different factions, how they came to be and why the expedition to the exotic planet Ozzar is so important to the human race. And who knows they might stumble upon some Troopers or Mechas along their way….

Stay tuned!




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