FGL & BC Heroes team up to bring you…Blockchain Heroes Blitz!

3 min readSep 21, 2023

If you’ve been following FGL NFT Games for a while you know we just love to team up with other projects. Collaborations are the driving force behind growing the NFT Gaming space together! Our latest collaboration with Blockchain Heroes goes beyond the average collab to bring you a brand new game!

Blockchain Heroes is a megaverse of web3-inspired superheroes and villains battling for the fate of a rich, fictional world. This parody collection of super heroes is inspired by blockchain and crytocurrency personalities. Blockchain Heroes was definitely one of the OG WAX projects when it launched 3 years ago. All the featured characters have great action poses. When the BC Heroes team approached us to create a battle game inspired on these characters, we were excited to jump at the opportunity!

The Series 3 release of BC Heroes will be used for the first release of Blockchain Heroes Blitz, as it contains both heroes and villains with a wide variety of abilities and rarities. Perfect for a battle strategy game!

The game will share common game mechanics with FGL’s Cosmic Clash. Players form a team of 5 NFT’s, line them up in a strategic order and then face their opponent in an autochess-style PvP battle. Each character will have their own health bar and defense shield. See how the battle plays out, check the battle log, adapt your strategy and head in for more action!

A peek behind the scenes! (dev art, final looks of the game may vary)

Ryles from the Blockchain Heroes team says; “We put a ton of thought into giving every character his or her own unique ability that both reflects the character and allows for insane theorycrafting, and we’re looking forward to seeing how players get clever with the possibilities.”

Blockchain Heroes Blitz will be fully compatible with the FGL Token. You battle against other players that are ranked close to you in the tournament leaderboard. If you win you get 3 points, if you lose you lose 1point. You get 10 battles a day until the tournament is complete. Players with the most points get an FGL Token reward.

The Alpha version has just been released! Come on in and practice and get ready for the tournament to start soon! 30,000 FGL tokens up for grabs! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some Blitz action!

Play here: https://heroesblitz.com/

Want to learn more about how to play? Check out the video from WarriorLion!




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